Non contact elite travel football that is offered in the spring. Offered for players grades 8-11. Play against the best the best high school players in the nation and the country!

1 on 1 training is for those who want to work specifically on their skills and increase their athletic ability. These training sessions are totally tailored to the specific needs of the athlete.

Instruction on the proper throwing mechanics, balance and footwork, and mental training of coverages and concepts.

Team/ group work is for those who want to enjoy more competitive learning settings. These sessions allow the athletes to learn from each other as well as from the instructor.

Sport specific training is for those athletes that want to gain more depth of knowledge about their sport. Some key components include gaining skill sets that schools at the next level are looking for.

Proving Grounds focuses on both the mental and physical aspects of sports.

Neuromuscular coordination, force production and absorption, and strength are some of the aspects that we cover. Not only do these increase athletic ability, they also reduce injury risk. As we know most of the game is played from the neck up. Proving Grounds athletes are also prepared with a mental edge, by learning mastery of skills, scheme and individual tactics for their sport and mental toughness. All of these things make proving grounds the right choice on taking your game to the next level.

Victor James, CSCS

Owner and Founder of Proving Grounds sports performance is a former D-1 football player (University of New Mexico) and professional football player (Seattle Seahawks, San Jose Sabercats, Winnipeg Blue Bombers).


“Coach Victor James is truly an expert teaching the fine details that build a champion. He is truly professional in his dealings with athletes. Proving grounds is an organization I highly recommend if your athlete is serious about becoming great.”

- Mike McCafferty

Assistant Head Coach , Amador Valley high school

“Victor is extremely professional, organized, and knowledgeable. If you are serious, and set high goals for yourself, you will not be disappointed with Proving Grounds. It’s an absolutely first-rate program.”

- Travis B

“If you are looking to improve your athletic ability, this is the place to do it. The staff will help you become bigger, stronger, and faster to help you reach your peak performance.”

- Eugene S

“High quality program with high level training for any young athlete wanting to improve their game. Overall, we were very impressed with Vic’s ability to work with our son on strength, speed and agility but, also with improving his football skills to compete at a higher level.”

- Jennifer M

Ready to take your game to the next level?